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To start the game, there will be a single elimination seating match to determine who will be entered into the bracket. The game format will be 21 Skunk.

21 Skunk Rule: If a player has 20 or 21 points and his opponent has zero, the player with zero points will be eliminated, unless she/he has paid for a redemption round. If both players score, the game will continue as listed in the rules below.

Redemption Round Fee: $10 (Spots are limited for the redemption rounds.)



I. Game Settings:

  1. Quarter Length: 3 minutes

  2. Skill: All Madden

  3. Play Book: Any Madden

  4. All other settings will default

  5. Overtime (OT) will decide all ties.

II. Team  Selection:

   1. Once participant has enterened the tournament, suc participant may play with any one of the current 32 (thirty two) NFL teams. The all-time teams/fantasy teams are not allowed in the Tournament.

   2. Coin toss for first team pick. Winner of the coin flip prior to the start of the game determines home/away team and choice of first or second team pick.

III. Additional Rules

   1. No pausing, rewinding, or delaying the game. If you perform these actions during the game, you must use a timeout as a penalty, if you have no timeouts remaining, you will be required to take a penalty. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit.

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