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Question: Why has Big In Texas organized this gaming tournament.

Answer: This gaming tournament has been organized to give scholarships to graduates and it is an event to bring communities together in a positive way.

Question: Is the first tournament organized by Big IN Texas, LLC?

Answer: No, this is the second quarterly tournament, and we plan to have a gaming opportunities every quarter and we will bring other gaming tournaments, such as, Call of Duty, Tekken, Street Fighter and more.

Question: Who is hosting the gaming tournament?

Answer: Hookum Photography (Learn more about them here.) will host this event, but it is presented by us (Big In Texas, LLC)

Question: How many minutes are the rounds during the tournament?

Answer: Madden 23, the matches will be 5-6 minutes long in duration.

Question: What gaming system will be used?

Answer: We will have a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 available for each tournament.

Question: How much is the cash prize?

Answer: The cash prize is $500 along with a trophy. 2nd place gets a $100 game card.

Question: How is the winner determined for each match?

Answer: Please see the game rules HERE.

Question: How long are the quarters for Madden 23?

Answer: Each quarter will be 3 mins long.

Question: Why are the quarters so short for Madden 23?

Answer: Each quarter is short to help move the tournament along and to make sure all competitors get a fair chance to compete. In addition, we have to compensate for time to complete the redemption rounds and to break any tied scores.

Question: What is the redemption round?

Answer: The redemption round gives each loser a second chance to compete in the finals/championship round.


Question: What if more than two people have the same amount of top won matches at the end?

Answer: If more than two people have the same amount of won matches at the end, there will be a tie breaker match to determine who will be the finalist to play in the finals.

Question: Where will the tournament be held?

Answer: The tournament will be held at 1023 MLK Blvd. Carthage, TX 75633

Question: Will food be served at this event?

Answers: Yes

Question: How much is the entry fee for those who would like to watch the tournament?

Answer: The entry fee is only $5 at the door.

Question: What time does the basketball tournament start?

Answer: The 2K23 tournament starts at 2pm and Madden 23 Tournament starts directly after.

Question: When is the deadline to pay the tournament $20 entry fee?

Answer: The deadline is July 3, 2023 by 11:59 pm.

Question: Are participants allowed to bring guests to watch?

Answer: Yes, each participant is allowed two guest passes at a discounted price of $3 per guest, which can be added during the time they pay their entry fee online. All other guests will be charged $5 at the door.

Question: What time does the tournament start?

Answer: The tournament is from 12pm-8pm.


Question: Can I get a refund if I am unable to participate on the day of the tournament?

Answer: Yes. However, you must request a refund at least 7 days prior to the scheduled tournament. Click Here or call Hookum Photography, LLC  (the tournament host) at 903.423.3332 to request a refund.

Question: Why must refunds be requested at least 7 days in advance?

Answer: We create brackets and will have seating arranged by those who have signed up to go into a bracket, if a player is absent, then the person paired with that player as their opponent may automatically advance to the next round if we are unable to fill said vacant spot of the absent player prior to the tournament date.

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